2017 Suess Vineyard Zinfandel 'Old Vines' (LIMITED!)

Sourced from a recently restored old vine vineyard, our 2017 Suess Vineyard Zinfandel presents with a claret like impression. In other words, this Zin isn't an overly ripe, alcoholic fruit bomb. It's subtle and while there remains an assertive California fruit profile, this wine's versatility allows it to be paired with a wide variety of foods. While Pinot Noir is generally conisdered more flexibile for food pairings, we believe there's no reason why high quality Zinfandel can't be also.

The surprise hit at our Holiday Party last December, the '17 Suess Zinfandel is a crowd pleaser. Lighter than you might expect with more red fruits than a big jammy dark fruit profile, this Zinfandel won't overpower you. We like to say it's a Zin made by a Pinot Noir winemaker to help describe it. Ready to drink now.


Wilfred Wong (Wine.com) 93 Points: COMMENTARY: In my hunt for the most beautiful Lodi Zinfandel, I have had to endure a few too many over-the-top monsters. While the region has produced loads of excellent Zins, the 2017 Cellars 33 Old Vines could be the best this region as seen. TASTING NOTES: This wine is charming, persistent, and generous. Its lively presents make it an excellent and versatile dinner wine. (Tasted: April 23, 2019, San Francisco, CA)

Suess Vineyard
100% Zinfandel
10 months neutral French oak
Residual Sugar:
John Fones